Elevated Luxury Spaces by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

The post pandemic era is upon us and I’m finding that my clients have needs within their homes that are different from before. Each client having unique needs to fit their family means different amenities within their homes. The one thing that remains a constant is the desire to find comfort in entertainment at home versus going out.

The focus continues to be mental health and wellness so looking for ways to incorporate a gym, wine cellar, yoga and/or a meditation space within their existing home or as an addition. This trend was happening pre pandemic but far less than what I’m seeing now.


Primary Home Projects

The first couple of images capture the existing basement that we are now in the process of designing. Can’t wait to show you the during and after shots!

Before image of a basement space we are designing for a client which will have a gym, tv area, dining are and the perfect space for their kids and friends to hang out!


Before image of the current eating/kitchen area. Can’t wait to show the After images on this gorgeous project!


Hanging artwork in another client’s gym space.


This same client’s daughter occupies the upstair loft space with an area where she can study as well as hang out with friends in the image below.



Secondary Home Project

Primary homes are a focus as well as secondary. Families and extended families like grand-parents, for example, are looking for ways to create rooms for their children/grandchildren to enjoy large enough to include ping pong tables, pool tables and other gaming set-ups away from the “adult” spaces. 

Upstairs tv room for my client’s high school and college aged children in their secondary vacation home.

An elevated space where they can watch tv/movies or play video games.


We also created a space for their kids in the loft space above the detached garage.

There are two day beds and two oversized chairs that are pull out twin beds to make room for the kids and their cousins and friends.


Newly Completed Primary City Townhouse

I’ve just finished a project for a client and their young family looking to customize their city townhouse to creatively find ways to design a combination home office/guest room as well as custom millwork to accommodate their “pizza and wine” night as well as their family entertainment area.  

Office/Guest Bedroom

Here is the built in desk for our client’s home office which is also a guest bedroom.


The Primary Bedroom shares similar color scheme as the guest bedroom (still waiting on bedside tables)


Custom Millwork/Details

I have worked with Adams & Beasley Associates on a few projects where we have, as a team, designed and produced beautiful custom millwork. Below are images of two different areas in which I helped design and produce drawings based on my client’s wishes and the Adams & Beasley team made the vision become a reality. Another amazing team effort I am so proud to share!

The vision realized looking at our drawings and the final product.


Built ins for the living space where they can enjoy their pizza and wine night. More images to follow showing the beautiful detail of the custom millwork I designed.




High end hardware and features elevate the millwork for that luxury feel.


The millwork wall shown with partial furniture install featuring a custom Kristen Rivoli designed rug and a custom leather ottoman with built in tray.


More custom storage millwork under the staircase.

As you can see, each project is different. All of my clients are at different points in their lives with either grown children, grandchildren or a young family who were looking for that high-end luxury interior. It is always very satisfying to see the before and after images, especially when the final project reflects exactly what we all, as a team, work so hard to achieve.




Hi, I’m Kristen Rivoli. I design premium homes customized to your tastes and needs. I live with my husband, two sons, and dog just outside of Boston.