Young working professional couple with a toddler and a second child on the way bought a triplex in a classic Brownstone in the Back Bay area of Boston. Surface renovation and interior design throughout combining traditional classic design with modern living, incorporating a vast art collection and many other wonderful family heirlooms and collections.


  • Open up living areas to accommodate young children
  • Incorporate Family heirlooms/antiques but project a youthful, more modern interior design mix
  • Make sure there’s plenty of storage for children’s toys
  • Create multi-functioning spaces for a growing family


  • Created defined living and dining areas getting full use of both fireplaces. One side for entertaining and TV watching while the other a cozy reading room using custom back to back sofas, separated by a custom console.
  • Designed a custom banquette in the bay window to use with their dining table and also enjoy views up the picturesque street when lounging.
  • Bold chartreuse strié painted walls create a warm and cozy feeling in the entire living/dining room.
  • Luxury-forward stain resistant fabric covers all furniture allowing my clients to have a formal living room with two toddlers living in the house.
  • Removed walls between a small galley kitchen and formal dining room to create an open kitchen and family room space, making it easy to keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing.
  • Custom designed a cabinet beneath the TV in the Family Room to house the children’s toys, keeping the room organized.
  • The children’s bedrooms are furnished with a cozy sofa for reading and furniture arranged to create extra play spaces with lots of bookshelves.
  • Custom designed millwork with coat hooks, bench and shelf added at the entrance create efficient storage while aesthetically enhancing the Main Entry.