Tuscan Agriturismo & Wine Tour Holiday

One check off my bucket list: a week stay at a Tuscan villa. This wasn’t just any villa though, it was a villa set on a vineyard and was the perfect setting! They call it an “Agriturismo,” which in Italian translates as Agriculture and Tourism melded together to create a wonderful experience. This is something that has been trending throughout the Italian countryside and literally means you stay at these farms or villas, large enough to host large families and enjoy food and/or wine produced on the property. You might be able to explore and hike or just enjoy the quiet, tranquil setting after a day of touring nearby towns. Some are perfect for hosting young families and have animals on the farms for children to enjoy and some are vineyards for the discerning wine connoisseur.

Villa Lamore di Carla

We had been recommended to use Tuscany Now & More to book a villa in Tuscany and we are very happy to have done so. The site is easy to use and they have so many options to choose from. Our main goal was to enjoy wine tasting and relaxation while finding a location perfect for day trips to Florence and other beautiful towns nearby. This trip was booked pre-pandemic so two years later we finally made our way and the people at Tuscany Now & More were very accommodating in helping us throughout the delayed planning.

Lamore di Carla was more than we could have hoped for and the owners of Savignola Paolina (the vineyard) were more than gracious. They had wonderful restaurant recommendations but even better, they provided meals for us on the evenings we chose to stay at the villa and eat in (which was more often than not!) This is the benefit of a stay at an Agriturismo. The meals we ate on site were better or as good as any we ate at local restaurants. You will see from the images why we chose to stay at the property.

Mid week we did a wine tasting at the Savignola Vineyard which was about 10 steps from the villa…very convenient!

Main villa that sleeps 6


Guest House that sleeps 6


Pool with a view!


The yard was pristine with fruit trees, flowers adorning the property


Meals at the Villa

Pre arrival, I submitted a grocery list so upon arrival, the kitchen was stocked and our first morning we enjoyed a nice brunch on the patio.




We booked a professional chef through Tuscany Now & More to cook us a 5 course meal. Roasted pork loin with dates and nuts


Probably the best tiramisu I’ve had…and I make a mean tiramisu!


Panzanella Salad


Homemade Tagliatelle with boars meat, a regional specialty


Greve in Chianti

The town next to the vineyard (about a 7 minute drive) is called Greve in Chianti. You guessed it, we are in the Chianti region! It is a quaint town with local butchers, artists, wine bars, and bakeries. We picked up some artwork from an artist who goes between Austria and Greve in Chianti.

Main piazza where they have a flea market on Saturdays.


small wine bars and different restaurants to choose from



This was our first day trip and was about a 45 minute drive from the villa. We found parking relatively easy and did a 2 hour walking architecture and history tour with Florencetown Tours.  I highly recommend this group! We were amazed at the wealth of information our tour guide shared with us and we all are lovers of history so it was fantastic!

Near the Duomo


Clear skies but another hot day during the heat wave so 2 hours was just enough time.


Florence at night. The younger contingency of our group went out in Florence one night. They were able to book taxi’s from the villa to Florence and back.



We went to Montalcino for a wine tasting at Col d’Orcia vineyard for some nice Brunello. It was about an hour and a half from the villa but the picturesque drive did not disappoint! We stopped in town for lunch before heading back to the villa to jump in the pool. 


Touring Col d’Orcia


We had an appointment so our tasting table was set when we arrived.


Lunch in Montalcino, with wine, of course!


San Gimignano

This beautiful town is a must see built atop a hill in Tuscany. It offers shopping, eating and taking in the views. If you visit Tuscany, please try to visit!

quaint streets





Boars are everywhere in Tuscany!


I can’t explain how delicious this was…I think the picture speaks volumes


Casa Sola Family Vineyard Wine Tour

This was one of the more educational tours for my husband and I. We had been to a few vineyards in France and Italy where we did tastings but the sommelier at this vineyard taught us some new tasting techniques.

Entering the vineyard we passed by the original stone building that was over a 1,000 years old!


We first visited the vines.


Then learned about the different barrels and their uses.


The Chianti region is also one of the largest olive oil makers. Every vineyard sells their own extra virgin olive oil.


And then the 4 course tasting menu with bruschetta, charcuterie, lasagna and dessert.

We took so many pictures but far too many to share. I guess you’ll have to go there yourselves!


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